A platform lift in glass

glass lifts

Glass is timeless and ethereal. It reflects the light and lets the sunshine in. What could be more beautiful than a glass lift?

design with glass

Glass is the most magical of all materials. It transmits light in a special way.

– Dale Chihuly

glass colours

In addition to clear glass, 6 shades of tinted glass are available. Depending on the lift model, the lift shaft, doors and cabin can be glazed. All glass elements are delivered in high-quality, laminated and tempered safety glass (4.0 mm + 0.76 mm PVB foil + 4.0 mm) according to European Standards  EN 14449 and EN 12150.

Safety glass

Light Fume Grey

Safety glass

Dark Fume Grey

Safety glass

Light Fume Brown

Safety glass

Dark Fume Brown

Safety glass

Arctic Snow

Safety glass

Polar White

Cibes A5000 & A4000

Platform lift in glass

The Cibes A5000 and A4000 can be delivered with a fully glazed shaft to provide you with a 360° panoramic view!

Cibes cabin lifts

cabin lift in glass

Cibes cabin lifts are available with shaft, cabin and doors in glass. A timeless and elegant look for bright and airy rooms.

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