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At Cibes Lift Group we have a holistic approach to environmental and social responsibility.

CSR & code of conduct of Cibes lift group

We believe that we can only be successful as long as our company takes responsibility for people and the environment.

Environmental Responsibility

Cibes Lift Group has the ambition to become the leader of the low-speed lift industry in terms of environmental measures. Our environmental program is characterized by a holistic approach, continuous improvement and efficient use of resources. We believe that our environmental program will contribute to sustainable development and give us a competitive edge.


Code of Conduct

The objective of Cibes Lift Group is that our core values – professional, progressive and personal – should not only characterize the way we act as a company but also pervade our corporate culture. Our ambition is to live up to the expectations of our stakeholders and it is our conviction that high ethical standards form the foundation of the trust and credibility built up by our company.


  • The Code of Conduct applies to all employees in the Cibes Lift Group, including Board members and other representatives.
  • Cibes Lift Group AB is responsible for the guidelines and follow-up.
  • Employees of the Cibes Lift Group refers to all employees of parent and subsidiary companies.
  • Cibes Lift Group subsidiaries may choose to directly adopt the Code of Conduct as presented in this document or adopt their own code of conduct which must include the same principles as a minimum level.
  • All stakeholders bear the responsibility of full familiarity with these guidelines and what they mean in practice.
  • Managers within the Cibes Lift Group bear a special responsibility and must lead by example. All managers are required to review the Code of Conducts with new employees and with other employees on a regular basis so that all parties are fully aware of the guidelines and what they mean in the relevant context.

Cibes Lift Group will ensure that immediate disciplinary action, including dismissal, will be taken against any employee violating this Code of Conduct and that reports will be made to the relevant authorities concerning any circumstances that are in violation of relevant legislation and regulations.

Good business ethics

All employees and representatives are expected to show honesty and integrity in dealing with other employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, organizations and authorities.

Employees at Cibes Lift Group may, not offer, give, receive or solicit gifts, favours, entertainment or other benefits contrary to good business practice.

This does not prevent employees at Cibes Lift Group from receiving or offering benefits in order to maintain and promote good business relations with customers and other business partners. The condition is that such benefits are modest in scope, accepted and offered openly and otherwise in accordance with this Code and the Swedish Code on Gifts, Rewards and other Benefits in Business.

Cibes Lift Group works systematically to prevent corruption

Cibes Lift Group management is responsible for, on a regular basis, analysing risks concerning corruption linked to company operations.

We support and strive to achieve fair competition

Employees in the Cibes Lift Group must therefore comply with all relevant competition regulations and abstain from entering into illegal anticompetitive agreements or exchanging illegal pricing and/or marketing information with competitors.

Respect for people and human rights

  • We respect basic human rights.
  • We offer our employees fair and reasonable working conditions.
  • Cibes Lift Group denounces child labour and forced labour.
  • We are a non-discriminatory workplace.
  • We respect our employees’ right to organize.
Respect for confidential information

Employees at Cibes Lift Group may not disseminate or misuse their knowledge of confidential information.

Regular monitoring of product safety

Products manufactured in the Cibes Lift Group and its holdings must fulfil all legislation and regulations regarding product safety.
It is vital that Cibes Lift Group employees be aware of bodies of regulations applicable to product safety and that their compliance is regularly verified.

Relationships with external parties

Our business partners (e.g. suppliers and cooperation partners) must observe the principles of this Code.

  • We work to ensure that our suppliers, agents and other business partners comply with the principles in our Code of Conduct.
  • When selecting suppliers and partners, assessments must include their ability to live up to the requirements stated in this Code.