Cleaning and sanitising your lift

lift cleaning

During the ongoing pandemic it is easy to understand why sanitising your lift is important. But the fact is that lift cleaning is an essential part of lift maintenance and should be performed regularly, as part of your normal cleaning routine.



Given that a lift is composed of many different materials and contains both electrics and sensitive electronic components, the best way of cleaning it is far from obvious. We have put together some useful advice on how to best clean and sanitise your lift, during the ongoing Corona pandemic and beyond.


Before you start sanitising your lift, you need to make sure that cleaning can be done safely and in accordance with your national health and safety guidelines.

  • Always put up a sign on the lift doors warning bystanders that the lift is being cleaned
  • Regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces helps reducing the spread of the virus
  • Always use protective equipment such as eye protection, gloves and apron
  • Before disposing of your cleaning attire, keep it in a sealed bag for 72 hours
  • Always make sure to follow your national health & safety guidelines
  • For more information on the Covid-19 virus, consult the WHO website
Safe lift cleaning


Switch the lift power off

1. switch off the power

Before you begin cleaning the lift, you need to switch off the power supply. In public spaces, also put up a sign on the doors to inform bystanders that the lift is being cleaned and must not be used.

Clean from the inside out

2. clean from the ground up

Begin to clean the lift from the inside, working from the ground up. Use a disposable cloth and warm, soapy water. Finish by sanitising frequently touched surfaces with a household disinfectant.

Clean and sanitise frequently touched surfaces

3. handRAIL & lift buttons

Use a microfiber cloth to remove excess dust and debris and an antibacterial cleaning product to sanitise the handrail and lift buttons. Avoid corrosive detergents, as they may damage electronic components.

Wipe down the doors and steel surfaces

4. Glass & steel surfaces

Use warm, soapy water for the glass and metal surfaces of the shaft and doors. Carefully wring out your cloth before cleaning the call buttons and finish by disinfecting the door handles and buttons.

Cleaning the lift floor

vacuum the floor of your lift

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floors of your lift, paying close attention to gaps where dust and debris may have collected over time.

Spray detergent onto cloth

Always SPRAY detergent ON cloth

Make sure to  spray your cleaning product onto the cloth and not directly on the lift, to avoid damaging any sensitive electronic components.

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