cibes factory aerial shot

Mats Engblom retires as CEO of Cibes


Mats Engblom

Mats Engblom has been the leader of Cibes Lift Group since 2012. These are his final words as CEO of Cibes.

After 7 years as CEO of Cibes I have decided to step down. A lot of things in life are about timing and for me the time has come to seek new challenges after my professional life. I would like to thank all our employees who have been involved in shaping Cibes to what it is today and also our customers, suppliers, Board and owners who all play important roles in developing a company like ours.

My final trip as CEO of Cibes will be to Asia next week, together with the Board. This is just one example of many important investments that have been made to enable us to build up a fine company in an interesting industry. My hopes for the future are that the company will maintain a good pace of change, keep an open mind, have respect for different cultures and needs in other countries and solve challenges in a positive manner. Then the company and its employees will be able to continue to flourish in an exciting, international environment.

As I have the privilege of continuing as a Board member of Cibes, I will continue to meet my old colleagues from time to time, something which makes me very happy as I leave my position as CEO.

I would like to finish by welcoming Per Lidström as new CEO of Cibes, the baton will be passed to him on the 1st of June.

Kind regards,