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Cibes lift in London Ecobuild


Ecobuild is one of the most important exhibitions for sustainable building and design in the world. Last year, Ecobuild attracted close to 1000 exhibitors from 100 countries and more than 40 000 visitors. Ecobuild 2016 takes place on the 8th-10th of March at the ExCel Exhibition Centre in London. Cibes Lift Group exhibits at the Nordic Pavilion together with 20 Nordic companies. Cibes new Energy Calculator and BIM objects facilitate energy classification Business Sweden is the organizer of the Nordic Pavilion.

The combination of their strong commitment to the corporate vision, ”Accessibility for everyone, everywhere” and their strong talent for product innovation, has made Swedish Cibes Lift Group become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of low-speed lifts. A greater focus on Accessibility legislation in many countries together with a growing demand for flexible accessibility solutions have contributed to the fast growth of Cibes Lift Group in the world. The United Kingdom is an important, expanding market, where sustainable construction is a top priority. At Ecobuild, Cibes Lift Group presents several innovative solutions that meet the high standards for sustainable building.

facilitating energy classifications

One of Cibes Lift Group’s latest innovations that will be launched at Ecobuild is the Energy Calculator. The Energy Calculator, available on the company website, makes the calculation of lift energy consumption fun and easy. At Ecobuild, Cibes Lift Group will also show you how to build, simulate and optimize different lift solutions from Cibes with BIM (Building Information Modelling). Several Cibes lift models are available as BIM objects for free download at and . BIM makes project planning and energy classification much more efficient, which in turn saves a lot of of time and money for architects and builders across the world.

The main themes of Ecobuild 2016 are “Digital Design & Construction”, “Energy Efficiency of Buildings” and “Better Places for People”. With BIM, the Energy Calculator and the presentation of new lift functions and solutions that will improve accessibility, Cibes Lift Group covers all three themes.

Jonas Morell, Quality Manager at Cibes Lift Group thinks that the participation at Ecobuild is very important. The global trend is that the demand for environmental certification is growing, which in turn affects the requirements on the products manufactured by Cibes Lift Group.

– We need to have a global perspective on all our R&D projects and take the environmental classification systems that have emerged over the past 20 years into account. At Ecobuild we want to show how our lifts can contribute to the environmental certification of a building. Different markets have different classification systems, so this is a challenge. However, I am very pleased that sustainability has become such an important of our brands. For example, all lifts manufactured by Cibes Lift Group can be recycled to 95%. Our lifts are energy efficient, have LED lighting and can be equipped with automatic shaft light and are equipped with automatic door locks, which contribute to reduced energy consumption. This is the result of many small but important steps in product development, where we are putting a lot of focus on the requirements for sustainable building.

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