A20 lift door in steel

door accessories

Ensure comfortable access to your lift by choosing the perfect door accessories.

accessorize your lift doors

The details are not the details. They make the design.

– Charles Eames

Concealed door opener for lift doors

Concealed power door opener

This electric power door opener is hidden inside the door frame – completely invisible! Available for all door and gate models of Cibes A5000 and A4000.

Externally fitted door opener

externally fitted door opener

The externally fitted door opener is extremely robust. This is the door opener available for fire rated doors EI60 & EI60G and the door models of Cibes A8000.

Door open holder for lift doors

Door open holder

The door open holder maintains the lift door in an open position. A great option for lifts used for transporting various types of equipment and goods.

Floor designator for lift doors

Floor designators

The floor designators are a great visual aid which displays floor level and direction of travel. The floor designators are mounted in elegant zinc frames.

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