Lift Control Panel

Cibes launches the lifts of the future


The Cibes Lift Group is launching the new CiCon control system on the international market. CiCon uses the same type of technology as the control systems in modern cars and opens up brand new development possibilities for the lifts manufactured by Cibes Lift Group.

The development of the new control system has been ongoing for some time. “We have been working on the development of CiCon for several years now. It is a great feeling of achievement that the project is now successfully launched”, says Trygve Niemi, Head of the Group’s R & D Department.

The new control system is cutting edge both from a technical and environmental standpoint. Features that previously required advanced programming from factory, are now easy to program on site. Efficient wiring solutions reduce both installation time and environmental impact. Lighting can be programmed for minimal energy consumption.

Johan Strand, Project Manager of CiCon is very happy with the new control system. “The development of CiCon has been an exciting journey. The new control system has laid the foundation for our future development. It is very reliable and safe, both for the user and the environment. CiCon was launched in Sweden in the spring of 2017. Now we are ready to launch CiCon on the international market.”

Cibes Lift Group distributor Swede Lift, is very pleased with his first lift installation with CiCon: “The installation went very smoothly and I am really impressed with the final result. I dare say that I have never travelled with a platform lift that runs better than this one. And the possibilities of light programming etc. makes this a market leading control system, both in terms of design and ease of installation. The customer is very satisfied and so are we.”

Lift Control Panel

CiCon uses the same type of technology as the control systems in modern cars and communication systems. It paves the way for brand new development opportunities. Planned projects include advanced remote monitoring of lift function and a new drive system for extremely quiet operating and energy-efficient lifts.

“CiCon is just the beginning of a fantastic development trajectory, there is much more in the pipeline. Without saying too much, we are certain that CiCon will give us access to many new market segments, both here in Europe and Asia. Cibes Lift Group is developing the lifts of the future”, Trygve Niemi concludes.